Stitching for a Living: Is a Sewing Business Right for You?

If you enjoy sewing, it may seem like the natural thing to do would be to turn your hobby into a business. After all, who doesn't dream of doing something they love and earning money for it? However, no matter how much you love sewing, you should consider a few things before you start your own business.

Do you have money saved?

While starting a sewing business won't involve a lot of expense to get started, having adequate money in savings is important, especially if your income is the sole income for your household. Plan to have several months of income saved to cover your expenses. This will allow you to focus on your new business without worrying about meeting monthly expenses.

Are you confident in your skills?

You should have enough experience to be able to handle different types of alterations. You should be confident in your ability to work with delicate materials, antique clothing, formal clothing, etc. While it's okay to select a line of clothing to specialize in, being skilled to manage any type of alteration will make your business more marketable.

Do you have a sewing room?

You should have a dedicated sewing room before you open a business. Having a small dressing room installed in your sewing room will make it easy for customers to try on clothing when they arrive for a consultation appointment. Having your own sewing room is also necessary if you want to claim a home office deduction on your taxes.

Are you social media savvy?

Whether you love social media or hate it, many businesses rely on social media to attract potential clients. Posting on social media helps your business get recognized. When people leave positive comments or share your business on social media, it can make a substantial difference in helping you grow your business.

Do you have reliable equipment?

If your sewing machine is in the repair shop frequently, you should consider upgrading to a newer model before you start your business. It's also a good idea to have a second machine as a back-up so a breakdown won't bring your business to a halt. Always purchase high-quality thread to ensure the best outcome for all alteration projects.

If you dream of turning the hobby you love into a business, planning is the key to success. Start to plan early, and make sure you have essential items in place before you begin to advertise your services. Building a solid foundation on which to start your sewing business is the first step to getting off to a successful start.

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