4 Materials Used To Make Sustainable Swimwear

Whether you love swimming in a pool or in a natural body of water, you need the proper swimwear to have a good time. If you are someone who is passionate about the environment, you might be looking for swimwear that is made sustainably. But what materials can be used to make sustainable swimwear? Take a look.

Organic Cotton

You might not think of cotton as the most likely material for making swimwear since it is not stretchy. But manufacturers can add just a small amount of synthetic elastic fiber to organic cotton to make it stretchier. Organic cotton is grown without the pesticides and fertilizers used to grow conventional cotton, making it a sustainable choice. It's also easy to dye, so you can find cotton swimwear in a wide range of colors and patterns.

Recycled Bottles

If you really want swimwear with that classic stretchy feel, then look for sustainable swimwear made from recycled bottles. The material is actually made from plastic bottles that are ground up and spun into fibers. This decreases the amount of waste that is sent to landfills. Some companies even make fabric specifically from bottles pulled from the ocean, which helps protect ocean wildlife.


Swimwear made from bamboo? It sounds really strange, but it's a lot nicer than you might think. When cut into tiny, tiny shreds, bamboo actually makes a pretty soft fabric. It is also tough, so you do not have to worry about your swimwear ripping. Bamboo sheds water well, so your swimwear will dry quickly, too. The only downside to bamboo swimwear is that it can't be dyed very easily, so a lot of the pieces you see will be in natural colors, like tan and black. If you like this all-natural look, then go for it.


Hemp is often thought of as scratchy and harsh, but it can be processed in a way that makes it softer and more suitable for making swimwear. Hemp is not the stretchiest, so you will see it used more often for swim shorts and skirted swim bottoms than for tight bikinis. However, it is a very sustainable material because it can largely be grown without pesticides or fertilizers.

If you are looking for sustainable swimwear, keep your eyes out for pieces made from the materials above. Which material is best will depend on your personal preferences — they all have their pros and cons.

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