Buying And Maintaining Your Motorcycle Helmet

In order to be safe as you are riding a motorcycle, you will need to have the right safety gear. At a minimum, this should include wearing a motorcycle helmet. While these helmets are a common sight, many motorcycle riders will not be aware of the best practices for buying and maintaining this part of their safety gear.

Have The Motorcycle Helmet Properly Sized To Your Head

Wearing a helmet that does not properly fit you can severely decrease the protection that it offers due to the great risk of the helmet sliding or otherwise failing to protect the head during a head-on impact. Unfortunately, it can be difficult for individuals that are not familiar with these helmets to properly fit them to their heads. To avoid this risk, you may want to be professionally sized for your motorcycle helmet. Many retailers will provide this service, which can greatly simplify the process of finding a suitable helmet because you will know which sizes you should be considering.

Replace Damaged Visors

The visor for the motorcycle helmet can be invaluable for keeping wind and debris out of your eyes while you are trying to ride. Unfortunately, it can be possible for this visor to suffer damage. Whether this is due to impacts from small pebbles or other causes, the cracks can severely decrease the ability of the rider to see. Luckily, repairing this type of damage is simple as the visor can be detached from the helmet so that it can be replaced. Depending on the brand of motorcycle helmet that you have, there may be warranty protections for cracks or other issues with the visor.

Thoroughly Clean The Helmet's Interior After Every Few Rides

Failing to keep the helmet clean can be another mistake that riders will often make. Most motorcycle drivers will sweat while they are riding, and their sweat can get absorbed by the padding in the helmet's interior. Not surprisingly, this will lead to the interior of the helmet developing a foul smell that may get absorbed in your hair. In addition to these smells, failing to clean the interior fo the helmet may also contribute to fungi or other growths that could get transferred to your scalp. The steps for completing this type of cleaning can vary as they will largely depend on the design of the helmet. For example, some helmets will have interior padding that is designed to be removed, which can make washing them a simple task. However, others may only need to be thoroughly wiped with a sanitizing cloth.

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