Six Ways To Wear A Dark Denim Skirt

Denim skirts have been popping in and out of the fashion scene since the 1960s when women started sewing old jeans together to create skirts. This trend got picked up by some fashion lines the following decade and took off from there. Soon women were wearing denim skirts of every length, color, and style. Denim itself has never gone out of style, and the popularity of denim skirts tends to ebb and flow with time. Whether you are trying to be fashionable, comfortable, or both, a denim skirt is a great purchase.

Denim skirts can be incredibly tasteful and modest. If you can only buy one denim skirt, a dark wash is a great choice. Dark denim can be dressed up or dressed down for any occasion. It also is flattering on many different body types. The great thing about a dark wash denim skirt is that you can wear it almost anywhere. You also don't need to spend all day going from store to store, since you have a world of denim skirts at your fingertips online.


Even when your work has a dress code against wearing jeans, denim skirts are often regarded as appropriate. The darker the skirt, the more professional it looks. Throw on a button-down blouse or shirt with tasteful jewelry and you have a professional look great for the office.

On a Date

Whether you are headed out on a first date or just date night with your hubby, a dark denim skirt looks great with some boots or heels. Add the appropriate shirt for whether you are headed to the movies or a night on the town and you will turn heads and feel great.

On Vacation

Headed out of town on a trip? Wear your denim skirt with a tank top and sandals and you are vacation-ready.

To Lunch with the Girls

If you are headed to a casual lunch with your friends, a dark denim skirt and a tee will make you look and feel fabulous.

To Church

A modest length dark denim skirt is completely appropriate for church service if you make a weekly visit.

Around the House

Even when you are just lounging around the house, a denim skirt and a sweatshirt or old tee with your slippers is a comfortable way to spend the day.

There are countless ways to dress a dark denim skirt up or down, and it's so easy to find the skirt for you online. They are the perfect wardrobe item for almost any occasion. You will always look stylish and cool in a denim skirt, no matter how you wear it.

Find modest dark denim skirts online or at a local clothing store.

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