5 Steps To Bringing More Happiness To Your Daily Life

Money cannot buy happiness. Or can it? Buying a luxury handbag may make you feel important, but vanity is not known to be a condition of happiness. But if wearing vibrant colors lightens up your mood and that of those around you, you have at least had a glimpse of happiness. And glimpses of happiness can put you on the path to genuine happiness, says Matthieu Ricard, a Buddhist monk and author of the book Happiness. The world's happiest man compares flashes of happiness—a child's smile, walk in the woods, or goal achievement—to the difference between a glimpse of the sky and a limitless expansive view of outer space. Both are states of happiness but on a different dimension. 

Put simply, small steps towards creating more happy moments in your day can lead to transformative changes that lead to enduring happiness. The following are ways to create more happy moments in your day.

Read inspiring quotes - Download an app that provides an inspirational quote of the day or create your own library of quotes.

Meditate on a compassionate goal - Not all meditation methods produce the same results. Buddhist meditation entrains higher brainwaves. How does it differ? Buddhists meditate on compassion. The Dalaï-lama's French confidant Matthieu Ricard is one of the Buddhist monks who has been studied in a meditative state and shown to produce gamma waves.  

Read books that inspire you - If you are debating whether to read a book on happiness or how to improve your sales tactics, you may want to start with happiness. When you are happy, you perform better in all you do. One book can change your life.

Let the sunshine in – Many people in the world suffer from vitamin D deficiency. If you suffer from depression, you may be one of them. Sunshine does more than create outer warmth; it also creates inner warmth. When your skin is exposed to sunshine, it creates vitamin D. Vitamin D stimulates the feel-good hormones dopamine and serotonin. 

Introduce color to your day - The effect of visual aesthetics on mood has been studied for many years. Color has an especially strong influence on the elevation and depression of mood. More marketing savvy designers are having their clothes rated based on mood. 

Making time for more glimpses of happiness and compassion in your daily routine could lead to a happier state of mind and, with cultivation over time, profound joy. Consider reading Happiness by Matthieu Ricard or books like it for more ideas. 

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