Look for These Design Traits When You Shop for a Tennis Skirt

If you've recently started to play tennis at your local courts, you'll want to buy the right athletic apparel to wear while you play. For many women, a skirt is a good choice to wear. Athletic skirts offer a high degree of mobility, and wearing this garment will also give you a proper appearance — given that professional tennis players conventionally wear skirts. When you shop for a tennis skirt, the good news is that you have many products to consider. You can choose a color that resonates with you — black, for example — and then look for the following design traits that you'll appreciate while you play.


Many tennis skirts have undershorts sewn into them. This is a valuable feature for keeping your body covered. When you're playing a game of tennis, the bottom edge of your skirt can easily fly up when you run, jump, and dive for balls. The last thing that you likely want is for your underwear to be visible to those who might be watching you play. The presence of undershorts will cover your underwear and your upper legs to help you maintain a modest appearance.

Light, Stretchy Fabric

It doesn't take long to work up a sweat when you're playing tennis, especially during hot conditions. You probably don't want any of your apparel to increase your body temperature and make you feel uncomfortable. When you evaluate different tennis skirts, look for the one that offers the lightest fabric. Sometimes, there will be net or mesh panels on the skirt, which can further be useful for keeping you cool. The more stretchy that the skirt is, the more that it will allow you to move freely. You want to feel as though your clothing won't get in the way of any of the athletic moves that you may need to make during your game.

Thin Waistband

One design detail that can initially be easy to overlook is the waistband of the skirt. Some tennis skirts have bulky waistbands, while others offer more of a minimalist design. A thin waistband is not only comfortable, but it will also give you a sleek appearance. When you're on the tennis court, you want to look your best — and a skirt that has a bulky waistband may cause you to have more volume around your midsection than you'd like. Shop for a tennis skirt — such as a black mesh tennis skirt — at a tennis retailer or a retailer that specializes in athletic apparel.

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