Is It Worth Paying More For Dri Fit Workout Clothing?

Years ago, people worked out in cotton socks, cotton sweat pants, and cotton shirts. That's just all that was available! These days, though, you will see more and more workout clothes made from a breathable, synthetic material called Dri Fit. Since Dri Fit apparel costs a little more than that made from cotton or even basic polyester, you may second-guess whether it's worth paying for. But in most cases, the extra few dollars you spend on Dri Fit workout attire will be well worth it for the following reasons.

You won't overheat as easily.

Dri Fit material is designed to let heat escape, instead of getting trapped against your body. You will stay cooler wearing clothing made from this material than when wearing clothing made from cotton or pretty much any other material. If you used to struggle to work out when it was warmer than 75 degrees F outside, then switching to Dri Fit clothing can make it easier for you to keep fit in warm weather.

You won't be as prone to fungal infections and skin irritation.

All of that moisture trapped against your skin by cotton or another restrictive material can eventually allow bacteria or infectious fungi to have a heyday. You are at a greater risk for conditions like ringworm and acne. Because Dri Fit material keeps your skin dryer, it reduces your risk of these types of infections and skin conditions.

You can wear it in hot or cold weather.

You've probably heard the saying "cotton kills." This saying is common among hikers and backpackers — especially those who hike or backpack in cold weather. If you get warm and sweaty in cotton during cold weather, the material then holds that moisture against your skin. The moisture cools down, and you get chilled, which could be life-threatening if you're out in the middle of nowhere. This is not an issue with Dri Fit material since it is so breathable. You can wear it regardless of the temperature outside, and you won't have to worry about it getting wet and giving you a dangerous chill. This makes Dri Fit clothing more versatile, so you can wear it more often and get more uses out of it.

In most cases, yes, it is worth paying more for custom Dri Fit clothing. It keeps you comfortable, safe, and dry, whether you're hiking, running, or engaging in another preferred form of exercise.

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