How A Sports Hijab Can Keep You Modest And Comfortable

Virtually every doctor agrees that keeping a few healthy habits can help you stay healthy. Among those habits is regular exercise. In fact, the CDC recommends that all adults should engage in moderate aerobic exercise for 150 minutes a week and muscle-building activities at least two days a week. Many adults fall short of these goals for a variety of reasons, but overall, they should be achievable for anyone

Many Muslim women have an extra challenge, though. Some hijabs aren't made for exercise, and the risk of potential immodesty when exercising in public is very real. Luckily, a few sports clothing companies have come up with an excellent solution to this issue: hijab sportswear. Here are three ways a sports hijab can keep you modest and comfortable.

Multiple Modesty Levels

Not all Muslim women share the same modesty standards, and sports clothing companies have taken this fact into account when designing their hijab sportswear lines. Sports hijabs come in styles that just cover the hair, cover the hair and neck tightly, or loosely cover the hair and neck. No matter which style you choose, you can count on your sports hijab to stay in place as you perform almost any kind of exercise. You should be free to run and jump with complete confidence.

Moisture-Wicking Fabrics

Although many Muslim women make exercising in non-sports hijabs work for them, doing so isn't always a comfortable or safe experience. Cotton fabrics, for example, hold onto moisture from rain and sweat. Instead of wicking moisture away from the skin, they hold it close to the skin. Some hikers have succumbed to hypothermia on account of wearing cotton clothing. Instead of staying uncomfortable or potentially putting yourself in a dangerous situation while exercising, you can wear a comfortable sports hijab that wicks moisture away from your skin.

Breathable Designs

As the fabric in sports hijabs wicks moisture away from the skin, it also allows it to evaporate into the air. Fabric that does this is breathable — it allows a free exchange of air and water. In the winter, this feature keeps you as safe from hypothermia as possible. In the summer, it helps you stay comfortable as your sweat is allowed to cool you through evaporation. Sports hijabs made with the right fabric are designed to be as comfortable as possible without sacrificing modesty, so designers choose their fabric very carefully.

To learn more about hijab sportswear, contact a sports clothing company in your area.

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